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Decodata structures furniture product specifications that you can download in your own importsheet. Upload the file into your shop and put whole collections online in a matter of minutes. Try our solution yourself: book a demo!

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Decodata: World’s First Furniture Data Management SaaS Solution

Decodata structures furniture product specifications. That means you can forget all about the time-consuming manual labor of adding new products to your webshop. Download your importsheet, automatically filled with whatever product specifications you want. Expand and enrich your offering efficiently and quickly, in a matter of minutes.

Decodata in a nutshell

Faster Product Processing

Decodata automates the process of filling your importsheet with all the desired product specifications. Forget about manual labor while adding new products, new collections, but also updates to your current offering: we automate it.

Optimize Data Reliability

Decodata helps you get rid of unnecessary faults in measurements, colors and other specifications. All you have to do is simply pick and choose what brands you want and be a witness of Decodata’s magic: your importsheet filled with all the data you want.

Happier Customers

As a result of the reliable data you are offering while using Decodata, there will be fewer calls, complaints and returns. Your customers will be happier, with the larger offering and the reliability of the products and your webshop.

Decodata Process

Step 1

The first step is to create your own importsheet in our portal. Fill out the titles of your columns that need to be matched to your backoffice or PIM, and connect them to the available brand specifications.

Step 2

Get ready to enrich your shop. In step 2 you can select what brands you want to import in your webshop. This is where the magic happens: Decodata automatically fills your importsheet with your selection.

Step 3

Download your custom and personalized importsheet with all product specifications you want. From here you can easily upload the file into your webshop or PIM.

Our Packages

Decodata helps you save 50% on costs made per individual product input in your webshop. Contact us for straight forward and personalized pricing of the plans.




For niche webshops with growing ambitions, where 1 person is implementing product data

For webshops with several product categories and teams working on product data

For e-commerce sites & platforms with multiple teams working on product data

0 - 2.000 downloads 0 - 10.000 downloads 0 - 20.000 downloads
Foundation: Everything in ‘Professional’ plus: Unlock full access, plus:
Custom login portal
Onboarding assistant
Upload New Brand Data
Data available in Dutch
Download 1 custom importsheet
Download 50% specifications
Download 100% specifications
Insights & analytics
24 hour customer support
Unlimited custom importsheets
Soon: Access to Image Library
Soon: Shoppable inspiration
Soon: AI furniture recognition

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Our Team

Anne de Jongh

Anne de Jongh


Anne is an energetic and badass serial-entrepreneur, Supermom and the driver and inspirator of the Decodata team. As a previous founder of a successful online home & living e-tailer, she experienced the content-challenges these kind of entrepreneurs face. So she took the bull by the horns and made it her mission to solve these problems by founding Decodata.

Thijs Jung

Thijs Jung

Software Engineer

Thijs loves coffee! Besides his appreciation for this liquid hug of caffeine, he also loves to build software. The Decodata platform is a great challenge that he really enjoys getting his hands on. Armed with his skills and his coffee, no import or export pipeline is too complex for Thijs. He always knows how to combine the latest tech gadgets and tools for the optimal process.

Sanne Leeh

Sanne Leeh

Growth Marketer

Enthusiasm, creativity and hugging dogs is what gets Sanne out of bed in the morning. At Decodata she shares these passions, among many others, with the team. Who says you can’t hug dogs and be at the top of your marketing game? With her analytical eye to detail, nothing gets past Sanne. She pays close attention and keeps the team sharp and focussed.

Maarten Fremouw

Maarten Fremouw

Product Owner

Burgers, bicycles and beer is what gets Maartens heart beating a bit faster, besides Decodata of course. As Decodata’s Product Owner, Maarten knows and understands all about data and the struggles retailers and brands are experiencing. Maarten keeps the team and the product alligned for the future, by applying structure and integrate feedback.

Samuel Kuik

Samuel Kuik

Data Specialist Intern

Samuel (or Sam for close friends and awesome coworkers) doesn’t shy away from a good challenge. As Decodata’s Data Intern, he took on a great adventure. Without any problems he adjusted to the inspiring enviroment of a start-up. Learning by doing is no problem for him. Armed with a guitar in one hand and his computer in the other, he’s ready to ace his internship.