Here’s how to Make A Difference¬†

Decodata is developed and maintained
by passionate people. Everyone adds their unique characteristics to our team.
We are interested in your uniqueness, your values and talents.

This is our journey for you to investigate us!

You Applied!

Congrats on starting your journey to becoming a Decodata team member!

First you will have a (digital) meeting with our CEO Anne. She is a curious minded person and is interested in your talents.

The first talk is important for you and us. Do we have a click?!

Meet your team lead

Gain invaluable insights into your team and a deeper understanding of our way of working.

Learn more about our service and the work you’ll be doing to make life easy for our customers.

Taking the Decodata test

For some of our roles we ask you to prepare an assignment.

For instance we ask you to look at some code or to prepare a script.

No worries! We are just interested in your way of approaching our data.

Decodata lunch

Fortunate we still fit to one big lunch table.

We like you to meet everybody working at Decodata. The fit with our culture is important for your happiness.

Welcome at Decodata

After accepting our offer, we kick start your onboarding.

On the first day you will get a tour, learn more about us, our values and services. And we will celebrate your first day together!