About us

As the artificial intelligence specialist at Decodata you have an important position to help Decodata into the future. Decodata is the world’s first furniture data SaaS solution. Our mission is to provide structured furniture data in a format that helps an online retailer enrich their shop within a matter of minutes, instead of weeks. Often furniture brands send out unstructured files to its retailers, like PDF’s. For an online retailer this means a lot of manual work copy-pasting specs. In order to eliminate all this manual work, we structure this data for the retailer.

Your mission

The goal for this internship is to research how we can best put computer vision to work with our platform. You understand how to build a machine learning model, train and optimise it. You will research and analyse different machine learning (cloud) solutions which help with computer vision. Or in short: You get the chance to learn a lot and be part of the first furniture data management solution in the world! Sounds exciting, right? Trust us, it is.

What are you going to do?
  • You will work closely together with our software engineer.
  • You will research different machine learning (cloud) solutions (AWS, GCP, Tensorflow, etc).
  • You will put all your work in a nice prototype to show off your work.
  • You will get to know all about AWS and how we use their services.
Who are you? Or let’s say: what is the list of preferred skills?
  • It’s a pre if you have experience with Tensorflow, OpenCV, or any other machine learning platform.
  • You have at least HBO professional and intellectual capabilities.
  • You are in your 3rd year or higher.
  • Prioritizing is a word you understand and know how to do.
  • You are eager to learn and self-reliant.
  • Working remote & at the office when allowed from MP Rutte.
  • You feel comfortable speaking and or writing English. Internal spoken communication is (nearly) always in Dutch, but written and external communication is (nearly) always in English.
What do we offer?

We offer a fun, versatile position within a young and dynamic company with plenty of room for your own initiative. At Decodata you work in a friendly, flexible and informal working environment and you have a high degree of independence. We support working from home, especially in these times. However, it is possible to come into the office for a few days a week too. We have enough space and have taken safety measures to ensure a clean, healthy and safe workspace. If we’re in the office, you can count on nice lunches and delicious snacks! The open-minded team consists of people from different backgrounds and expertises that enjoy working together on our new and exciting product. In addition, we love cake in all ways, shapes and forms. And don’t worry: we are willing to share! Lastly, let’s talk about money: we offer internship compensation.


Do you have questions? Or are you so sure this is a perfect fit, you want to apply right away? Contact us by emailing to hello@decodata.io, please include your CV and cover letter in this email.