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👉 Front-end Develop(st)er

Front-end developer (jr) with UX experience at Decodata - Amsterdam

Decodata is the first furniture data-management solution. At Decodata we understand the world of furniture products. From first hand experience, we know how challenging the processing and managing of existing and new collections can be. Therefore, we developed a solution that automates most of the current manual labor. We love data, because it is an important component of our day to day activities, we fill our datalake with furniture product specifications and images. So, besides data, we love terms like “importsheets”, “import pipelines”, and “data downloads”! Our mission: Disrupt by creating structure.

Decodata is expanding and looking for a front-end developer with experience in product design. As the shift from offline furniture purchases to online purchases is accelerating, we make furniture data (i.e. specifications, purchase prices and images) from all sorts of furniture brands available to (online) retailers through our SaaS platform. This allows retailers to process new products and update collections for their customers in a matter of minutes, instead of the usual months of manual work. This results in growth in revenue, while saving costs.

As our front-end developer you will be leading in bringing our front-end, which we call our portal, to the next level. Next to awesome Vue.js skills you love pixels and have an eye for design and interaction. You will work in close collaboration with our product owner and software engineer. We are a growing, but ambitious, start-up so there’s lots of room for growth; it would be super cool if you want to grow in (user) design and interaction. You will be responsible for the front-end stack.

Our company has adopted the ‘working backwards’ methodology from Amazon, which creates clarity for everyone involved. By creating a Press Release (PR) with content and features that are validated by the market, our customers and our team. We only build things that truly matter and prioritize accordingly. This way of working drives innovation week after week and keeps us extremely agile to stay focused on the next milestone.

What we expect or would like to see from you
  • Worked in (B2B) SaaS organisations before
  • Fluent in Vue.js
  • Know your way around JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML and CSS
  • Experience with building B2B SaaS interfaces
  • Take part in validation and exploration with customers and prospects
  • Eager to learn new technologies and product design & interaction
  • You’re not afraid to step out of your comfort zone
  • Set-up automated testing
  • Create responsive web designs
  • Pre: a background in furniture and/or online retail
About our product and tech stack

We like to keep it light and blazingly fast! Our tech stack runs entirely on Amazon Web Services. Below you will find a list of our main components.

  • Product Metrics: Google Tag Manager, Hotjar, Amplitude
  • Design tool: Figma
  • Main frontend framework: Vue.js
  • Main backend language: Python
  • Amazon Web Services:
    • API Gateway
    • Amplify
    • Lambda
    • Cognito
    • DynamoDB
    • S3/Cloudfront
What you can expect from us
  • This role is located in Amsterdam and is for 24 hours at first, but our ambition is to scale that to full time within your first contract period.
  • We understand that balance between your private and business life is key, we let you be the judge of that balance.
  • You will have the chance to grow our company into a full blown leader in this new and exciting space while the market is growing rapidly.
  • A competitive salary.
  • Our company, investors and advisory board have a healthy female/male balance.
  • A good balance between working from home and having a place to socialize in our office from time to time.
  • And of course… Cake, lots of cake. What kind of cake would you like?


Do you have questions? Or are you so sure this is a perfect fit, you want to apply right away? Contact us by emailing to, please include your CV and cover letter in this email.

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