Do you want structured product data?

Start fresh and structure all your product data at once for internal and external purposes.

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Do you also feel like you’re behind the times?

Keeping product data up-to-date takes a lot of time and focus. Processing product information is mainly done manually, and manual work carries risks of errors. There is also a need for more clarity about the ownership of different data sources within the organization.

In addition, retailers, architects, and project organizers must catch up on important updates for their assortment, resulting in lost opportunities.

And yet, the solution is quick and easy, also for you.


    • Creating and updating product data takes a lot of time.
    • You have more product options than unique IDs.
    • You want to know what sustainability laws & regulations mean for you.

Anne de Jongh, founder of Decodata, is an experienced expert in the Home & Living industry. She founded the first B2C interior design webshop, which was successfully acquired by fonQ. She worked with product data for years and helped several brands structure data.

“Interior brands often run into the same data challenges. The simple solution lies in incrementally structuring and understanding the data based on a proven program.”

What can you expect from the Product Data Program?

The Product Data Program consists of four steps in two 2-hour sessions:

1. We determine together the desired goal and create a roadmap.

2. Internal stakeholders are involved in the program.

3. We validate the need(s) of your data users (dealers).

4. You will receive a sustainability scan that will give you insight into your brand’s position and the steps you can take regarding laws and regulations.

With the outcome of the Product Data Program, we guarantee that you will sell more and be ready for technical and sustainable innovations.

Yes, I want this!

We have helped 50+ brands by structuring their product data.

Product data

We provided insight into the data sources and available and essential attributes inventory.

Market insights

For a successful retail network, validating the needs of data users is crucial. We combine these validations with our knowledge & experience, offering insights into market trends and necessary data sets.

Data toolkit

With our smart technology, we have analyzed and structured millions of products. Our constant development allows us to respond to changes. Validating data users’ needs is crucial for a successful retail network. We combine these validations with our knowledge and experience, offering insights into market trends and necessary data sets.

After the Product Data Program…

  1. You will have all your complete product data structured and reliable in one place to include in your IT environment and share with your network.
  2. It gives you the tools to keep data current.
  3. Learn what makes retailers successful and what it takes to deliver this data.
  4. Gain insight into what you can do regarding sustainability laws & regulations.

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Our experts

Anne de Jongh – CEO of Decodata
A recognized Home & Living industry authority, regularly invited as a panelist for various expert sessions. Founder of the first B2C interior design webshop acquired by fonQ and now setting the tone for revolutionary movements in the furniture data industry.


Elwin IJzerman – Customer Succes Manager
He possesses extensive expertise in organizing data structures within the Home & Living sector, and his notable background at fonQ and Intratuin can be drawn upon for further development.


Ruben Hillenius – Sustainability Expert

He has extensive experience in the circular industry as a consultant and entrepreneur in sustainable flooring. He also possesses significant expertise in sustainability and has supervised several Home & Living entities.

This is what you get from us

  • Two sessions of approximately 2 hours
  • A complete & reliable file of structured product data to implement in your system.
  • An action plan to get started.
  • A personalized sustainability scan with tips & tricks to comply with the new laws & regulations.

Yes, I want this!