Decodata for dealers

Add thousands of products to your webshop in one go

Add new brands and products to your sales channels effortlessly.

These dealers already use Decodata

Stop uploading products manually

From having separate product catalogs, PDFs, Excel sheets, and images, to having one file that you can add to your product management system in a few clicks.

Deliver your product data

Send all the product data from new products and/ or collections to Decodata

Receive a structured file

Get the data back in one, structured file.

Upload the product data in your system

Use the file to upload the full product range to your system in one go.


Decodata automatically structures interior design product data. Use the time saved to focus on what’s important: selling products.

Add more products faster

By using the Decodata Digital Data Hub, you can add more products to your system way faster.

Decrease product returns

By creating an identical, crisp presentation of all products on your webshop, your customers know what to expect. This will decrease your product returns.

Integrates seemlessly with all well-known ERP, PIM, and webshop systems.

Woocommerce, Shopify, and many others. Decodata Integrates with all design product management systems.