Decodata for interior design brands

Your brand's products.
Presented identically across all webshops.

Present your brand’s product portfolio identically across all sales channels

Easy for retailers and dealers. Beautiful for your brand.

Our platform transforms your raw product data into the file format that dealers and reteailers work with. So dealers can add your products to their webshop in a few clicks. And you can comfortably enjoy a crisp display of your products across all sales channels.

Send your product data to Decodata

Images, copy, product codes, in pdf, format, MS Excel format, or as loose documents. Our platform proccesses all data effortlessly.

We set your data up for easy usage by dealers

We transform your product data into a file that dealers and retailers can upload to their webshops in a few clicks.

Identical presentation of your brand everywhere

With one standardised data source for all your products, your brand is presented identically across all dealers and retailers.

Onboard new retailers and dealers effortlessly

With Decodata, dealers and retailers add your products to their webshops in a few clicks.

Present your brand identically across all sales channels.

Deliver your product data only once. When you land a new collaboration with a retailer or dealer, we transform the data into the file format that they’re familiar with.

All your product data ready to sell

Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify, and many others. Decodata talks with all webshops and product management systems.