All about the Digital Product Passport: transparency and efficiency for the interior design industry


In the ever-changing interior design industry, keeping up to date with the latest technological developments and laws and regulations is important. Something you must recognize is the Digital Product Passport. A development that could cause a shake-up. Therefore, this blog will tell you everything you need to know about the Digital Product Passport.

The Digital Product Passport is a (soon to be mandatory) digital document that will transform the interior design industry and bring many benefits. In this blog, you will discover all about this revolutionary concept, its implications for the interior design industry, and the consequences and laws arising from it for suppliers and retailers. Read along.

What is the Digital Product Passport?

It is important to understand what the Digital Product Passport is all about. The Digital Product Passport is part of the Sustainable Product Initiative (SPI), which the European Commission introduced in March 2022.

SPI’s main goal is to make products sold on the European market more sustainable and transparent through the Digital Product Passport. It assesses and improves the life cycle of products in terms of sustainability, reusability, repairability, and carbon footprint.

Although the laws and regulations still need to be implemented, business owners must have prior knowledge of the subject. Indeed, soon, having a Digital Product Passport will be a requirement for products sold in Europe.


Since the information in the digital passport will be fully visible to the public, it could play a decisive role in purchasing decisions.


This passport will help consumers make informed sustainability choices. It will encourage manufacturers to develop more sustainable, energy-saving products and easier to repair. Since the information in the digital passport will be fully visible to the public, it can play a decisive role in purchasing decisions.

The passport will be officially introduced in 2026 and 2027. The battery sector is one of the first to do the job, so they have already started on their own. The interior design sector will soon follow.

Digitaal Productpaspoort

What will the Digital Product Passport contain?

The Digital Product Passport is a comprehensive file containing valuable information for consumers, retailers, and suppliers. While the exact requirements are not yet known, here is a summary of the likely contents of the Digital Product Passport:

  • The material composition of the product
  • Ingredients used in the design and manufacture of the product
    Origin of the product and components
  • Environmental impact
  • Manufacturing method
  • Certification
  • Recycling options
  • Processing efficiency and degree of reusability of the product/parts

What benefits can the Digital Product Passport offer you?

For the interior design industry, the passport brings many benefits. For example, it helps ensure clarity and traceability. Consumers can build confidence in the products they buy because of the reliable and complete product information. This helps them make sustainable choices and reduces the risk of greenwashing. In addition, the passport can help prevent counterfeiting and protect intellectual property rights.

Suppliers in the interior design sector can also benefit from the Digital Product Passport. It allows them to differentiate their products based on transparency and sustainability. Giving customers reliable information can strengthen their brand image and build loyalty.

In addition, the passport can contribute to supply chain efficiency, as information can be shared quickly and accurately between different parties.

Digitaal Productpaspoort

The Implications of the Digital Product Passport

On the legal and regulatory side, there are several implications for suppliers and retailers in the interior design industry. It is expected that in the future, all products sold within the European Union will be required to have a Digital Product Passport. This will force suppliers to collect and maintain the necessary data to meet regulatory requirements.

For retailers, this means they must ensure that they only sell products with valid passports and comply with legal requirements. So good to be aware of this in advance.

And now what?

Although implementing the passport and the associated laws and regulations present challenges, the benefits for the interior design industry are also very positive. It encourages transparency, sustainability, and trust and provides a competitive advantage for companies that proactively embrace this development. In an era where conscious consumption is becoming increasingly important, the Digital Product Passport is a powerful tool if used properly. It opens the door to a future where sustainable choices are the norm in Europe.


The Digital Product Passport promotes transparency, sustainability, and trust and provides a competitive advantage for companies that proactively embrace this development.


In short, the Digital Product Passport promotes sustainability, helps consumers make informed choices, and provides opportunities for differentiation and growth for suppliers and retailers. If we work together to embrace this concept, we can positively impact the industry and contribute to a sustainable future.

Digitaal productpaspoort

Automate your product data

At Decodata, we are excited about the possibilities of the Digital Product Passport. We know better than anyone how much time and energy processing product information already takes and can therefore make a rough estimate of how much more work will be added. Therefore, We are working hard behind the scenes to support all retailers and brands now and, of course, later when the Digital Product Passport takes off.

Are you a retailer or brand? And if you would like more information about the Digital Product Passport or our solution. Then we’ll discover together how to work towards a sustainable interior design sector.


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